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Mibelas™ 24 Fe Birth Control Pills Recalled
These pills have been recalled due to packaging problems resulting in pills being out of sequence.  The Food and Drug Administration's web site has additional information.
World Health Organization Updates List of Essential Medicines

The World Health Organization announced on June 6th the release of the 20th Model List of Essential Medicines (known as the"Essential Medicines List” or EML).  Ulipristal acetate (UPA) 30 mg was added to the newly released EML, joininglevonorgestrel (LNG) .75 mg (pack of 2), and levonorgestrel 1.5 mg.  UPA emergency contraception, sold under the brand name "ella” or "ellaOne” by HRA Pharma, offers women the choice of a method that may be more effective than LNG, because it works closer to ovulation.  The WHO’s list is updated every two years and provides guidance for the selection of medicines by countries and donors.  Countries' EMLs influence which drugs are made available in health systems.

Women Want Affordable Contraceptives
Anti-choice Judge Added to U.S. Supreme Court

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